The Full Guide to Planning Virtual Events in 2022 & Beyond

Since early 2020, virtual events have become increasingly popular both as a means of staying physically safe and reducing budget line items for travel and accommodations.

Even as things have slowly begun to get back to normal, organizers have continued to hold events in entirely virtual formats. This trend
is likely to continue even even though many safety measures have been lifted as we continue to return in-person.

Today, virtual event planning presents an opportunity to be unique and innovative. Attendees, sponsors, and partners still look forward to a unique event experience, and — because attendee expectations continue to be on the rise — strategic planning is essential for delivering memorable event experiences.

What does planning virtual events look like in 2022 and beyond?

In this whitepaper, we discuss:

  • Types of virtual events
  • Reasons to continue hosting virtual events into 2022
  • Timeline for planning virtual events
  • And more!

Download this comprehensive guide to discover what planning virtual events looks like in the year 2022 and beyond.