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Watch Pathable's Latest & Greatest May 2022 webinar! We've listened to our customers and stayed ahead of the curve to ensure we offer an intuitive event platform to plan, promote, and power your next event. Our goal is to connect people to people, no matter where they are located, so we can't wait to showcase the next round of Pathable's newest features and capabilities that will bring your event to the next level.

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Virtual and hybrid event platform

During this Latest & Greatest, our event technology experts will cover:

Pathable training updates.

Everyone loves Camp Pathable, and so do we! We can't wait to do a walk-through of our training platform, knowledgebase, and updated benefits with you. With the help of our experts, providing essential training resources for your staff, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors has never been easier.

TalkNow for your native app.

With TalkNow, the Pathable platform has made it simple to connect attendees and exhibitors. And now, bridging the gap for your in-person and remote attendees is even more simplistic. Tune in to find out the newest TalkNow capabilities for poster sessions and mobile devices.

Hybid event settings.

With the increase of hybrid events, it's hard to tell who is attending in person and who is attending virtually. Worry no more! With Pathable's new hybrid event settings, you no longer have to wonder how your audience is attending and engaging with this simple yet effective new feature.

Connected event technology solutions.

Did you know that Pathable is just one solution in a connected network of event technology, built to work well together whether you are using one piece or the entire stack? Deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors, and your organization with additional event technology solutions and services.

Our Speakers

Headshot of Laura Battin

Laura Battin

Sales Engineer, Community Brands - Events

Headshot of Greg Barry

Greg Barry

Sales Engineer, Community Brands - Events