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Watch Pathable's Latest & Greatest September 2022 webinar!

We consistently listen to our customer's feedback to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with an intuitive event platform that connects people to people, no matter where they are located. Explore Pathable’s newest features and capabilities to plan, promote, and power your next event.

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Virtual and hybrid event platform

During this Latest & Greatest, our event technology experts will cover:

Matchmaking capabilities

Encourage a meaningful networking experience among attendees based on shared interests. Attendees can see suggested matches within the people list, on their edit my profile page, and anywhere the stand-alone widget is placed on the platform.

Profile duplication report

Allow event admins to run a report to identify potential people profile duplications. If duplications are detected, the admin can choose to merge or ignore the profiles. To enable Profile Duplication Reports, you must contact your Implementation Specialist.

Multiple check-in/out

Track multiple check-in/out times for attendees in virtual and in-person sessions. Events with various check-in/out enabled have a new Attendance Time column in the member's tab of each agenda item.

Connected event technology solutions.

Deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors, and your organization. Pathable is just one solution in a connected network of event technology, built to work well together whether you are using one piece or the entire stack.

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About the speaker

Greg Barry

Sales Engineer & Tech Talk Expert

Greg began his journey with Pathable over two and a half years ago and continues to expand his knowledge with multiple Community Brands' event technology products. Fueled by 20+ years as a corporate event manager and producer, he continues the learning journey as our industry evolves!