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Buy, Sell, Return: Maximizing ROI for your virtual & hybrid event sponsors

Get ready to dig into the ins and outs of virtual and hybrid event sponsorships. Our live panel of tech talk experts will reveal tips and tricks to help your event sponsors and exhibitors maximize their investment and keep them coming back year after year.

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During this webinar, you will discover:

Sponsorship opportunities in a fluctuating industry.

From virtual to in-person, then in-person to hybrid, one thing remains the same – event delivery over the past two years has consistently been changing to fit the current state of the pandemic. Finding a happy-medium for pricing and sponsorship packages can be a challenge, so how are you thinking about your approach for event stakeholders moving forward?

Unique sponsorships for virtual and hybrid events.

How do you overcome virtual fatigue and stand out from the crowd? Incorporating out-of-the-ordinary or unconventional sponsorship opportunities does not only get your sponsors noticed, but also wows and delights your attendees.

ROI and tracking – what your event stakeholders want to see.

Branding and networking opportunities are a must, but event sponsors and exhibitors are often focused on one thing – leads! Without the proper sponsorship options and tracking, there is no way to tell how great your ROI was after an event. Find out ways to help you prove the ROI so your sponsors will want to return for your next event.

How the Pathable platform can help you execute your event and maximize ROI.

Put your learning into action. The right event management platform can help make or break your relationship with event sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Find out how Pathable can plan, promote, power, and measure ROI for your next virtual or hybrid event.

Our Panelists:

Laura round

Laura Battin, Sales Engineer
Community Brands Event Solutions

chelsea round-1

Chelsea Brasted,
General Manager
Sidecar Global

sandra round-1

Sandra Lee, Business Development Manager